Friday, July 29, 2011

You know what's awesome?

Here's what's awesome. When you get an email from an editor you just starting working with that says they'd "love" for you to write another article for their magazine. THAT is awesome. As a new freelance writer, it's always nerve wracking to turn in your first submission to a new editor. You sit there thinking, "This will make or break my relationship with this editor." So much rides on that first submission. Honestly, I teared up a little. It's very validating to have a request for your work.

I hope as my career progresses that I always have the same humble feeling about my work that I do now. I write and I feel good about it, but I'm never really sure if anyone else will think its good. When someone really enjoys a piece a write its like being prom freaking queen! (Well, I'm assuming, since I've never been one) I hope it always feels that way. Although I have a dream to be a best selling author, I intend to always have appreciation for those who read and enjoy my work.

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