Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Bombshell Mommy

Guess WHAT? Many of you already know this, but here's my official blog announcement.


I'm writing as The Bombshell Mommy exclusively for Vitacost. The entire focus is to encourage women to embrace their sexuality and sexual health in the face of the drudgery of every day life as moms, wives, and all around Superwoman duties.

See that click-through badge on the side of this blog? Hop over there any time. I'd love for you to visit. No writing talk, just fun, flirty, and fascinating discussions of why every woman is a Bombshell at heart.

I don't get political here, you know this, but I want you all to understand that in a time where women are being shoved back into the kitchen, being pushed into second class citizenry, being slut-shamed, our bodies continually commodified and treated as community property, it is of dire importance that we embrace our sexuality.

When you own your sexuality, you have the courage to stand up for yourself. You have the courage to tell that guy off when he puts his hands on your body without invitation. You have the strength to report when someone assaults you. You are empowered by knowledge you have of your body and how it works. Your children benefit from the freedom to ask you questions and your ability to answer them with confidence and compassion. You have the deep seeded knowledge that your body and your sexuality is not to be judged or defined by anyone else. It is YOURS and no one is entitled to your body simply because you are a woman.

It's time to stop living the conundrum of the Madonna/Whore syndrome. We CAN be mothers and  sexual beings, simultaneously. We CAN enjoy sex without being "easy", "loose", or "immoral". We CAN be women, with our lovely curves, our beautiful minds, our emotionally overflowing hearts, and our iron clad spines, while still enjoying the desires of the flesh.

Enough of the serious.

It's a crazy fun time over there. Light hearted and sexy, cheeky and sensual. Bombshell's of the world, UNITE!