Saturday, July 23, 2011

I'm gonna stay Annabelle

I was laying in my bed earlier (I'm still there but that's not important right now) going through the bargain books on Amazon. I came across a book that was co-authored buy...Annabelle BLOOM. Initially, my stomach dropped. I had searched high and low, Googled the HELL out of this name, and nothing had shown up. No author sites, no book reviews, although I did find a young aspiring actress with the name Annabelle Bloom which is why I chose this alternate spelling. Alas, I am in the very predicament I tried my hardest to avoid.

And of course, there are the inevitable references, here and there, to Judy Blume. She is iconic in the world of Middle Grade fiction. You're hard pressed to find an American girl who did not grow up reading her books. I mean, honestly, I think "Are You There God, its Me Margaret?" is akin to the Bible to most 9-11 year old girls.

Either of these things may cause an issue if I am so lucky as to be offered a contract with a publishing house. But, you know what? I'm keeping it. I'm going to continue to work with this name and if my one-day-future-publisher has an issue with it, then we will cross that bridge when we come to it. I've already set up the blog, set up Twitter, and purchased the domain name. So, for now, I'm rolling with it. Consequences be damned! Fake names are pretty easy to change anyway!

*I have written this post on my tiny little phone screen, so if there are typos be a dear and ignore them, 'mkay?

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