Monday, December 16, 2013

Winter's Sweet Kiss Anthology Release Day! And a GIVEAWAY

Whooohooo!!! I'm very excited, obviously. Short stories are not only one of my favorite types of stories to read, but also to write. I had so much fun writing An Unexpected Wreath and I hope you'll have as much fun reading it. I've got a quick summary below of each story in the Winter's Sweet Kiss anthology. Each story is just the right length for an evening's read, snuggle in next to the fire with some cocoa and some fuzzy socks.

You can add the Winter's Sweet Kiss Anthology to your Goodreads list and grab your self a paperback or ebook copy on Roane Publishing, Amazon print or KindleBarnes and Noble (Nook only) , and Createspace (print only) 

When Wayne Edwards moves to town, Lillian Douglas experiences stirrings she thought were long dead. Guilt ridden over betraying her deceased husband and the feelings Wayne inspires, Lillian reluctantly lets him in. Secrets of the past – an old promise emerges, but will it threaten their forever?

MELT  By Shaya Roy
Newlyweds in an arranged marriage, Naina and Dev go to the mountains of Shimla, India in search of snow. Unfortunately, they find fifteen inches more than they expected. 
Being snowed in with her husband is not necessarily a bad thing. It gives Naina an excellent excuse to snuggle up to her deep, quiet man, but every time Dev spurns her, a little more of her heart drips away. Melting the ice around her husband’s heart before the snow outside does might take more pride than Naina’s ready to surrender. 

Angela is in love with someone she can never have--her best friend, Rebecca’s older brother. 

Stranded in the bitter cold after a disastrous blind date with yet another company Christmas party looming, a standing offer from the boss’ nephew gets a little more appealing. Desperation. Not a good sign. Surely when Rebecca rescues her from the blinding snow, she can also convince Angela to just go to the party alone. She can always count on her best friend. 

That is, as long as she never finds out about Angela’s secret crush. 


Stella’s got everything she needs in life: a great job, a beautiful house, and her independence. But on last minute trip to the local Christmas tree lot she finds something, or rather someone, she desperately wants - Grayson. An emergency trip to Target, an unexpected wreath, and a little Christmas magic make the season much brighter. 

SANTA BEBE  By Lily Carlyle

Disillusioned by men and her belief that they see her only as an object, Bebe is determined to find a man with money. Her geeky, but unfailingly kind, next-door neighbor James tries to convince her of the possibility of real love, even as she reveals to him the troubled childhood that made her so cynical about relationships. When her mother dashes her hopes for a perfect Christmas, Bebe finds herself turning to James once again, and in the process, learning a lot about herself and the promise their relationship holds.

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