Monday, May 20, 2013

Free Reads Week!

It's FREE READS WEEK!!! (<-----click download="" for="" free="" p="" page="" reads="" right="" the="" there="">
This is your opportunity to get THREE new short stories EVERY DAY from Inkspell Publishing.

My short, Burnt Embers, will be out this Friday, May 24th.

Visit with Cressie and Beckett and see what they've been up to out there in the wilderness. It's a spicy little read that will hold you over until Melted Tears comes out in August.

It's even listed on Goodreads; you can add it to you TBR list so you don't forget!

Here's the entire release schedule. Happy reading!

Mar 20, 2012:
Cordially Invited by Sasha Summers 
After Faerie by Stephanie Keyes 
The Diva Who Loved Too Much by Shirley Kennedy

Mar 21, 2012: 
Fates Voyage by Rebecca Hart  
A Taste of Forbidden by Kristy Centeno 
First Shift by Kacey Vanderkarr

Mar 22, 2012: 
Dirty Laundry by Stephanie Lawton 
Cycle 13: Approaching Skye by Jill Kaelin 
How Many Ways by Cecilia Robert

Mar 23, 2012: 
Breech by Aubrie Dionne 
You are Invited by Sasha Summers 
Beyond the Mirror by Majanka Verstraete

Mar 24, 2012: 
Burnt Embers by Annabelle Blume 
Two Years at a Time by Naya Nikki 
The First Time by T. Michelle Nelson

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