Saturday, May 12, 2012

Who's got a cloning device?

I have been the worst of the worst, terrible, totally MIA bloggers in the history of blogging. Well, except that chick that secured "the best blog name ever" and only blogged one day in 2009, screwing the rest of us out of that awesomeness. Anyway, to my followers and my friends, I apologize. Anyone else can bite it.

As you know, I'm having a blast writing The Bombshell Mommy for If you haven't read the blog, it's fun and informative. I never dreamed I'd get the opportunity to write about an issue that is dear to my heart in a national forum. I also never imagined I'd own quite so many sex toys. It's win-win.
If you haven't "liked" the Facebook page yet, please take a moment to do so. I promise not to spam your newsfeed. We had a chat on Facebook last week and it was a great time. I hope more of you can stop by and say "Hi" next time.

Additionally, I'm still taking freelance projects. Therefore, I'm still writing for magazines and have a big, huge, daunting project that is totally kicking my ass. I will be scarce until June, at the earliest, as I wrestle this project into submission.

I'm eager to get the project finalized because, my friends, I have a new WIP planned that I know you will love. A contemporary erotic romance. I know, I know, contemp isn't my thing, but this story will not be without its dark and derelict elements, I promise. I am ridiculous excited to get this book written. So, let's all say a prayer or meditate or sacrifice a goat or whatever we need to do so that the freelance project flows smoothly and quickly.

Of course all of this comes secondary to my kids. They have to be feed and clothed and bathed and what ever else they are demanding at that moment. They're like little dictators with loose teeth.

Truth be told, my house is generally in shambles. There are constantly dirty dishes and the laundry is going to grow legs and put itself in the washing machine soon. I can't do it all, so the housekeeping is what gets left behind.

Therefore, if anyone has a cloning device, help a girl out! I could use at least one more of me, maybe two. Three would be a bit much, though, don't you agree?

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  1. I could use another one of me to do chores, but then any clone of me wouldn't want to do the chores anyway.... *sigh*

    I saw you got a RAOK shoutout from Lisa Voisin this week! Congrats!