Monday, July 22, 2013

Fuck You, Domain Name Thief

Just shoot me.

Here's the friendly version of this post:

Hey friends and fans! Just a little update to let you know the website address has changed but everything else is still the same. No sweat! See ya at the cover reveal on Wednesday!

Okay, and now here is the real post:

Son of a cock sucking monkey! Turns out, my dumb ass has some crazy old email attached to my domain provider account, so I wasn't receiving the notices that my domain registration was ABOUT TO EXPIRE. Therefore, my old web address is now owned by a Japanese spa (or so they claim). Obviously I'm getting reamed by one of those assholes who goes around snapping up domains as they expire and then charges people an arm and a leg to get them back (brilliant, really, I need to start doing it myself). Well, FUCK THAT GUY. So, if you look carefully, you'll see the new website address is

and that's what it will stay. Trust me, I will never let this happen again. What a colossal energy-sicking-stress-enducing day this was; complete with self loathing for even letting this happen.

Luckily, as the sign says above, I'm an Internet Expert (who barely understands the internet) so I was able to remedy the majority of problems today.

Now, I'm off to make new book marks (FML).

And yes, the Melted Tears (Book 2 in the Outlier Chronicles)  cover reveal is WEDNESDAY.

Au Revoire, my little darlings. (Yes, I'm delirious. Don't pick on me.)

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