Monday, March 18, 2013

And so the tide changes...

If you're a fan of my Bombshell Mommy blog, you may have noticed recently we've turned more toward whole-life health. Although the days of YouTube videos of sex toys are behind Bombshell, she's still alive and kicking. I hope that some of you are finding my discussions of relationships, taking care of yourself and your body, and the challenges of being a mom interesting and informative.

Now, that being said, don't get confused, I'll still be as dirty as ever as Annabelle! Melted Tears will bring you all of the decadent love scenes you are looking for as well as action and adventure. I'm keeping up my momentum, dragging you through the torture of heated love affairs that were never meant to be and the dangerous longing of unrequited love. If you haven't read Endless Burn, the free short here on the blog, what are you waiting for? Lydia and Josh are just a click away. And keep your eye out for Free Reads coming from Inkspell Publishing, as I'm hoping to share a little Cressie and Beckett goodness with you all there!

On another note, I'm tantalizingly close to 100 likes  ( I seriously need about 5 likes) on the Annabelle Blume Facebook page. So, here's the deal, my friends. If you "share" a post from my Annabelle Blume page or just share my page in general on your Facebook timeline, you'll be entered** to win a Frozen Heart prize pack which includes a signed print copy of Frozen Heart, 4 signed bookmarks, and 2 fridge magnets. If you already have the book, share my page anyway and if you win I'll customize the prize pack just for you! Let's get this momentum going and make the release of Melted Tears put Frozen Heart's release to shame!

** will be used to choose the winner. No favoritism here.

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