Sunday, April 15, 2012


It's TIME! I'm so very excited to present to you the cover of Frozen Heart! 

A decade surviving on her own. Three days with the enemy. Can love conquer all?
Cressenda knows how to survive. With her sled dogs as her only companions, she’s spent the past ten years hiding in the snow covered wilderness from the oppressive regime of the Affinity. When a routine trip to civilization takes a turn for the worst, Cressenda is forced to take refuge with the enemy or lose her life to the frozen countryside.
But Beckett, a Guard of the Affinity, is more than a man in uniform. His desperate need to help Cressenda escape both- the blizzard and the Affinity- makes her feelings for him all the more troubling. Will Beckett be true to his word and set Cressenda free? Will her heart let her leave after all they’ve shared?

As of today, it is also available for pre-order at Inkspell, Amazon, B&N, and AllRomance. The official release is August 7. 

Below is a list of all the bloggers who are hosting my cover reveal and helping spread the word about Frozen Heart. If you would be so kind as to drop by one or two and leave a comment, I would greatly appreciate it. 


  1. The cover is stunning. August seems so far away *sigh*

    Congrats on the cover, Annabelle! :)

  2. How lovely! Best of luck with the book launch!

  3. Looks amazing! Can't wait to read it. :)